Sustainable transportation

Nobina, SJ, City of Stockholm, Klövern, KTH, and Urban ICT Arena, Sweden


Transport accounts for about 25 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions, and transport in cities is a major contributor.


Connected driverless buses were put on a six month trial in real road situations. Test sites in Sweden demonstrated how emissions can be reduced with self-driving electric buses using the cloud and the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Solution.


The development of automated bus routes and automated traffic management solutions shows that connected, electric, shared and automated transport solutions can revolutionize the transport of people and goods.

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Driverless buses in Stockholm, Sweden

Starting in January 2018, two self-driving shuttle buses will share the road with pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles in Stockholm. As they travel at speeds up to 24 km per hour, these little shuttles set a bold example for multimodal urban transport, which many predict as the model for the near-future of smart cities.

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Global goals

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The highlighted Sustainable Development Goals are included in the project.

“The innovative Connected Urban Transport solution is a win for the entire traffic ecosystem and its users in the Netherlands.”.

- Ben Kessels, Account Manager Customer Group Industry & Society, Ericsson Netherlands