WIND Hellas, Greece: A step further towards convergence

WIND Hellas, Greece

Watch Nicolas Costaras, CIO WIND Hellas, discuss the importance of having as few billing systems as possible.

Continuing its convergence journey, WIND Hellas updates its Ericsson Charging to attend the increasingly high customer demands, provide modern offers leveraging WIND’s broadband, fixed and mobile telephony portfolio and strengthen its competitive position.

The challenge

The outdated CS 5.2 solution was jeopardizing WIND ‘s revenue chain since any kind of system failure on this aged solution may have resulted in severe revenue losses.

WIND Hellas was cautious with regards to releasing new data services and moving towards a transformation to real-time data & policy charging services for all its subscribers due to the fact that the charging system nodes were operating on legacy servers that had passed End of Support and End of Maintenance support dates.

The solution

An upgrade of the Ericsson Charging, a modular, scalable, open, single convergent Online Charging System (OCS) using industry standards and protocols, coupled with a hardware refresh on the HPE virtualized HW platform. The upgrade allows WIND to gain control of revenues while letting users control their costs through flexible packaging, bonuses and discounts. The new system supports all services, including traditional voice and messaging-based services and data-based services supplied by either WIND itself or through a partner/OTT.

The results

  • Reduced CAPEX for pending/new Product Service Descriptions with baselined features (Timer charging, Service Limit Control) for the entire installed base

  • IMS, VoLTE and WiFi charging readiness (Ro interface, WiFi access type support)

  • Readiness for expansion of integrated Policy control use cases without performance issues (ESy)

  • Simplified SW model with predictable Total Cost of Ownership

  • Infrastructure OPEX improvement (modernized & virtualized HW, reduced DC footprint)
“We are very happy to conclude our Ericsson Charging System upgrade, this modernization will allow us to reduce operational cost, increase our customers’ satisfaction and capitalize on new revenue streams both on our fixed and mobile business.” – Mr. Nicolas Costaras, CIO WIND Hellas

WIND Hellas profile

WIND Hellas building

WIND Hellas is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Greece. In 23 years of operation, WIND is established as a pioneer in mobile phone technology and has presented innovative products that changed the telecommunication. WIND was the first telecommunications company in Greece that offered its customers integrated Mobile Telephony, Fixed Telephony & Internet services, and currently serves more than 4.5 million mobile & fixed telephony customers.

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