T-Mobile Austria and Globe Tracker

Globe Tracker increases supply chain visibility with IoT

Globe Tracker allows global logistics companies to increase supply chain visibility with T-Mobile Austria and Ericsson.


  • Globe Tracker needed global connectivity for their GT Sense platform to track and monitor refrigerated shipping containers, no matter where in the world they traveled.
  • Containers could find themselves roaming through 10-12 countries in a given month, each presenting a challenge to seamless connectivity.
  • The company also needed a way to manage the immense volume of IoT sensors and trackers placed on the containers.
  • Globe Tracker partnered with T-Mobile Austria, also known as Magenta Telekom for its deep IoT expertise. T-Mobile Austria is the machine-to-machine (M2M) communications expert within the Deutsche Telekom Group.
  • T-Mobile Austria will use Ericsson’s IoT Platform to manage the massive ecosystem of GT Sense devices and provide global connectivity through its access to the Deutsche Telekom network.
  • With help from its partnerships with T-Mobile Austria and Ericsson, Globe Tracker will power Hapag-Lloyd LIVE, the shipping giant’s container location and monitoring platform.
  • Hapag-Lloyd will immediately deploy this customized solution on their entire fleet of roughly 100,000 refrigerated containers, allowing for complete visibility into the location and condition of each one.

The challenge

Visibility into a global supply chain is critical. Cargo needs to be tracked and monitored at every stage of its journey, ensuring it arrives, both on time and in good condition. When cargo goes missing or conditions within refrigerated containers, like a rise in temperature, threaten its wellbeing, action must be taken or money will be lost. Being able to monitor container health and location is the crucial first step to improving operations and enabling cargo to arrive intact and safely.

Based in Denmark, Globe Tracker specializes in supply chain tracking, monitoring and cutting-edge sensor technology, providing true end-to-end supply chain visibility. In addition to innovating solutions that provide enhanced visibility of containers both on land and sea, the company also makes the GT Sense platform, which allows monitoring and tracking of reefer operations around the world.

Globe Tracker needed a partner that could ensure their GT Sense-equipped containers would be able to roam seamlessly across trade routes through different countries and regions, so their customers, like leading shipping company, Hapag-Lloyd, could be in reliable and consistent contact with their cargos. Globe Tracker selected T-Mobile Austria for its deep expertise in IoT communications and global reach through the Deutsche Telekom Group network.

Don Miller talks about the T-Mobile Austria and Ericsson cooperation

Don Miller explains the challenges of providing shipping containers with seamless and reliable connectivity, no matter where they are in the world, and how T-Mobile Austria helps enabled that, with technology from Ericsson.

"What [T-Mobile Austria and Ericsson] brings us is a lot of credibility. We put a lot of heart and soul and effort into our solution and the fact that they now back us with it has allowed us to attract a lot of global customers and partners around the world."

Don Miller, vice president, global sales and marketing, Globe Tracker

The solution

Globe Tracker selected T-Mobile Austria to provide worldwide connectivity and complex device management, powered by Ericsson’s IoT Platform. Globe Tracker customers can gain complete transparency into container location as well as its refrigerated operations. This allows companies to tell if shipments will arrive on-time and in good condition.

As part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, T-Mobile Austria’s vast network and partner ecosystem allows GT Sense-enabled containers to have reliable connectivity no matter how many countries and regions through which they may travel.

The results

After partnering with T-Mobile Austria, Globe Tracker’s GT Sense was ready for prime time. Hapag-Lloyd quickly selected a customized solution to power its Hapag-Lloyd LIVE offering, which they introduced at the Transport Logistic 2019 international trade fair in Munich.

With GT Sense under the hood and connectivity from T-Mobile Austria , Hapag-Lloyd LIVE will allow the company to increase the quality of their logistics services to better meet customer needs. Hapag-Lloyd will outfit more than 100,000 refrigerated containers with the GT Sense-powered technology. This smart reefer solution will enable complete visibility into container tracking and operations.

Hapag-Lloyd is determined to fulfill their customer needs faster than their competitors and provide more reliable supply chains. By deploying real-time monitoring capabilities -- made possible by cellular connectivity and powerful device management -- into their containers, they will be able to achieve this goal.