SaskTel and IntraGrain

IntraGrain makes agriculture smarter with IoT

IntraGrain enables farmers to reduce grain spoilage and loss with SaskTel and Ericsson



  • Research from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) shows that as much as 60% of harvested cereal grains are lost during the storage process.
  • IntraGrain wanted to provide a solution that would enable farmers to monitor grain storage conditions within silos to reduce spoilage and ensure more sellable product reached buyers.
  • The company created BIN-SENSE® and approached SaskTel to provide the connectivity it needed to bring their idea to life.
  • Powered by Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator, SaskTel’s IoT Management Center allows its customers to easily establish connectivity for devices and manage the connections.
  • SaskTel’s network provides connectivity between the BIN-SENSE® grain storage sensors and IntraGrain. As a result, customers have 24/7 access to their stored grain data through IntraGrain’s web-based user interface and mobile application.
  • With BIN-SENSE®, IntraGrain customers can ensure their grain remains in ideal condition, allowing a more viable and sellable product to reach consumers while reducing waste and spoilage.

The challenge

According to research by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), a major challenge in the grain farming industry is that 60% of cereal grains are lost during the storage stage due to spoilage. It’s estimated that producers in Canada lose millions of dollars in grain each year.

To address this critical issue, local Saskatchewan farm-raised entrepreneur, Kyle Folk founded IntraGrain Technologies. After seeing his family farm lose grain, and revenue, due to spoilage, Kyle set out to create a way for them to monitor grain storage conditions to prevent loss. IntraGrain envisioned better tracking within grain silos to ensure that ideal conditions were maintained for the health of the grains, allowing more viable and sellable product to reach consumers while reducing spoilage.

IntraGrain turned to SaskTel, a leading telecommunications provider based in Regina, Saskatchewan, for a partner who could help them turn their vision into a viable solution that would not just help the region’s farmers, but those around the world.

Kyle Folk explains why he started IntraGrain, after seeing his father, a farmer, experience grain and revenue loss due to spoilage.

“SaskTel IoT service is a great fit for our product. It uses the IoT service to get that information from the machine sitting in the remote location back to our server through the cell towers. They’ve been willing to work with us from day one, and work into our custom application.”

~Kyle Folk, Founder, IntraGrain Technologies

The solution

IntraGrain selected SaskTel for their IoT Management Centre platform and ability to connect their BIN-SENSE® solution globally. Powered by Ericsson’s IoT platform, SaskTel’s IoT provides and helps manage a critical component - connectivity.

With SaskTel and its global partner network, IntraGrain enables farmers everywhere with continuous monitoring of their grain silos to ensure optimal conditions for storage.

The results

After partnering with SaskTel, IntraGrain introduced its award-winning product, BIN-SENSE® to the market. With BIN-SENSE®, farmers receive alerts, no matter their location, if conditions like temperature and humidity begin to pose threats to the health of their grains while in storage.

BIN-SENSE® collects silo conditions data and sends it over the cellular network to IntraGrain’s servers where it is then provided to the end users via their web or mobile user interface. This ability allows farmers to maintain a grain storage environment that better prevents spoilage and ensures that more of their product reaches buyers, maximizing revenues.

SaskTel’s IoT platform seamlessly scales with IntraGrain’s needs and can easily add and manage as many new sensors as needed. This will allow IntraGrain to grow rapidly as well as introduce new services, like its new Fuel Lock® system, which allows farmers to better protect and monitor their fuel stores.

With BIN-SENSE®, SaskTel and IntraGrain are improving farmers’ livelihoods, helping reduce pressure on natural resources and fighting hunger by enabling more food to reach dinner plates without spoilage. The previously mentioned NIH study revealed that usage of solutions like BIN-SENSE® can reduce grain spoilage rates to a mere 1-2%.