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A female working using 5G digital twin technology

Making manufacturing smarter through private cellular networks

Manufacturing case summary

Modern manufacturing is entering a new era. While the sector is experiencing extreme growth paired with remarkable change, it is also being stretched with evolving operational requirements, increasing supply chain issues and a shrinking workforce. To solve these challenges, many manufacturers are introducing 5G cellular wireless technology, transforming the way factories operate. Ushering in faster speeds, greater throughput and lower latency, private 5G cellular networks promise greater reliability and support massive device connectivity. Read on for example manufacturing case studies leveraging private cellular connectivity.

Key cases

Oil and gas use cases

Learn how these companies are using Ericsson’s private cellular network solutions to enable considerable productivity and safety improvements, while boosting efficiency and business value:

  • Ericsson USA Smart Factory: Empowering Industry 4.0 with CBRS connectivity
  • Atlas Copco Airpower: Delivering a 5G-ready, intelligent factory
  • Calpak: Powering a robust campus network for next gen manufacturing
  • Audi: Driving 5G automation

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