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Meet the 5G Core experts

In this video series our experts will share their insights from early deployments of 5G Core networks. They will explain and present different topic areas, that you as service provider need to plan for when evolving your 5G Core network.

5G Standalone and the new core

Monica Zethzon, Head of Solution Area Core Networks and Eva Hedfors, Head of Marketing and Communication at  Ericsson Cloud Software and Services, are presenting an overview of the 5G market per today and why it is important to develop access and transform to cloud-native to reach the full potential of 5G capabilities for consumers and enterprises.

Cloud-native transformation

Peter Wörndle, Senior Expert in Deployment Architectures, is presenting the four key areas to consider, to make your cloud-native transformation successful and to get speed, efficiency and performance for your network deployments. Application design, technology and infrastructure, ways of working and process and tools in management and orchestration.

Automation and CI/CD operations

In this video Brett Kofoed, Strategic Product Manager in cloud-native 5G Core automation, talks about the future of life cycle management and automation in 5G Core. He gives an introduction to the agile transformation journey where upgrades are done in completely new ways.

New revenue enablers in 5G Core

In this video Jitendra Manocha, Senior Strategic Product Manager, presents how to unlock new enablers in 5G Core and how to monetize. You will get insights about, application awareness networks, standardizations, alliance and eco-system roles and how to bring all together by examples.

Service and architecture evolution

Listen to the three phases of 5G Core evolution. Anders Lundström, Strategic Product Manager, is sharing learnings and challenges, different important 5G capabilities to reduce costs and 5G Advanced with AI.