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How to monetize network exposure. Realization and use cases


Video duration | 13:18 mins

Theo Quirijnen, Sales Lead Exposure Solutions at Ericsson presents how to monetize your network assets with network and service exposure. You will learn more about the monetization opportunity and solution context, how to expose network capabilities in a secure way through technology and eco-system development and find out more about use cases with near-term potential.

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With assigned security and data integrity policies, network data and resources can be accessible for different ecosystems to enrich and innovate enterprise applications.

Use case | Enable lag-free mobile cloud gaming globally via exposure of 5G network API

The game demonstrated at MWC 2023 was a car racing game with video that requires high throughput and low latency, which were important to getting a lag-free user experience.

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Read more about how service providers have an opportunity to offer attractive data-transfer bundles and optimize network resources through exposure of network analytics.

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Innovation and standardization help service providers monetize their networks by enabling APIs in a secure way. Learn how to monetize on your mobile network through various customer examples within service exposure.