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network policy management

5G Core Policy Studio​

Bringing true network programmability to life​

Network policy management with 5G Core Policy Studio

5G Core Policy Studio is an advanced network programmability tool for centralized control and configuration of 5G (and 4G) core network policies, enabling the fast creation of innovative services and significantly lowering OPEX.

Network policies are rules, or a collection of rules, that are used for policy decisions made in real-time and that govern the behavior of devices, users, and applications in the network. The 5G core network capability to enable granular and dynamic service configuration is based on the proper configuration of network policies. They represent the network programmability options to define how the network should behave and how the connectivity service should be delivered based on a set of pre-defined conditions applicable to the end-user (like the location) and to the network (like the authorized network slices).

Network policy management is the process of creating, implementing and maintaining policies in the network to determine how the network, devices or services should behave according to pre-defined end-user or network conditions. To manage the large amount of network and service configuration options in 5G, service providers need a network policy management system that simplifies and automates the programmability task for multiple policies.

A reliable network policy management system is crucial to enable service providers to differentiate services towards consumers and enterprises in a more flexible and granular way. This can ensure, for example, that network slices secure the correct quality-of-service (QoS) on each type of slice.

Simplify the design and activation of new services

Leveraging on the wide set of network policies available in the 5G Core network  to differentiate services towards consumers and enterprises in a flexible,  granular way, is challenging. 

That’s why we’ve created the Ericsson 5G Core Policy Studio, a network programmability tool for the central management of core network policies that will make it easier for communication service providers to configure new innovative services tailored to different end-user and enterprise needs and categories. 

The 5G Core Policy Studio: 

  • Enables flexible creation of tailored advanced data communication services
  • Automates the configuration of network policies end-to-end
  • Allows granular service configuration within network slices for differentiation 
  • Is seamlessly integrated with Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core

Play the video to understand the values enabled by the Ericsson 5G Core Policy Studio.

Values and benefits

Revenue growth
The unique capability to create service cases based on the combination of multiple policies and network conditions enables opportunities for a more granular service differentiation towards enterprises and consumers.
Shorter time-to-market
Having centralized control of all policies in the 5G core network, through one advanced and easy to manage graphical-user-interface (GUI), reduces the time to configure and activate new service cases in the network.
70% less OPEX
The simultaneous configuration of all the policy decision points involved in services activation avoids node-driven configuration activities, reducing the OPEX for policy configuration tasks up to 70 percent.


“Ericsson 5G Core Policy Studio builds on the company’s strengths in converged policy control and feature support by introducing unified control of all policy enforcement mechanisms, as well a new network programmability tool. GlobalData has assigned Ericsson’s policy control products a Leader ranking; integrated with these products, Ericsson 5G Core Policy Studio should help operators to monetize 4G and 5G services and network slices, by speeding innovation and adjusting network service characteristics both granularly and dynamically.” Andy Hicks Principal Analyst at GlobalData
analyst endorsement
Industry insights

Watch this video and learn more about policy control.

Watch the video and learn more about 5G Core Policy Studio features.

Use case examples enabled by the solution
use case for network policy management

5G Gold data plan for consumers

Better quality-of-service (QoS) may be assigned to subscribers with a ‘5G Gold data plan’ when accessing 5G networks and if consuming less than 20GB of data. This will ensure they can benefit from a better quality-of-experience (QoE).

Customized connectivity with network policy management

Customized connectivity for enterprises

A low-latency network slice may be dedicated to a robotics enterprise to handle machinery through remote controllers with very high accuracy. Access to the slice is restricted to specific user’s location (i.e. enterprise premises) and working hours. In case these conditions are not matched, a notification message is sent to the enterprise via SMS.

Fixed Wireless Access data plan

Fixed Wireless Access data plan

Service providers can restrict subscribers’ access to the network only from their home location and through a dedicated FWA slice. They will be able to navigate at high speed until reaching the limit of their data plan; after that, the QoE will be drastically reduced.

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