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the journey to 5G Core

Scale and evolve with 5G Core

Let’s take your network operations to the next level

It’s time to transform – unlock the next step in scaling your cloud-native network.

Whether you’re still in the initial deployment stage and simply thinking ahead, or you’re ready to scale up your network transformation right now, you’ve come to the right place.

While leveling up means expanding your cloud-native and 5G standalone (SA) network to new geographical locations and increasing capacity, it’s also about adding new functionality, methods, competence and tools. As your network grows, it’s essential to take a holistic view of operational ways of working, as well as adding additional automation and orchestration capabilities.

Transforming your core network operations means focusing on automated life cycle management and CI/CD, while creating a more efficient and high-performing network.

Scale your way up to cloud-native and 5G SA success today.

Scale your 5G Core network

Download a guide to unlock the next level in scaling your network

CI/CD guide

A CI/CD evolution is required to transform your telecom software within a cloud-native infrastructure. In this guide, we share insights into life cycle management automation using CI/CD practices.

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Transform your network operations guide

Learn about overcoming operational challenges and how to maximize operational efficiency in a cloud-native core network to capture the true benefits of 5G.

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One core guide

Continue your scaling journey by learning which functionalities from our broad portfolio to use next. Regardless of whether your starting point is from 4G or 5G SA, now is the time to go dual-mode. 

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Examples in action: What’s already happening in the market?

Whether it's 5G SA or 4G, there are many different paths to scaling up your cloud-native network for better efficiency and performance. Discover the evolving customer transformation stories that Ericsson partners are pushing forward with.

A leap into 5G SA: TPG Telecom

TPG Telecom is on a cloud transformation and 5G SA journey. Watch this video with Giovanni Chiarelli, the Chief Technology Officer at TPG Telecom to discover the transformation story.

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BT's journey to cloud-native

As of December 2022, millions of subscribers have been migrated to BT’s cloud-native Evolved Packet Core. Watch this video with Reza Rahnama, MD Mobile Networks at BT to discover the transformation story which is driven by modernization.

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Ready to hear it from an expert?

If you’re planning to evolve your 5G Core network, it’s best to hear it from the experts. So meet Brett Kofoed, Strategic Product Manager in cloud-native 5G Core automation at Ericsson.

In this video, he talks about the future of life cycle management and automation in 5G Core. Brett shares an introduction to the agile transformation journey where upgrades are carried out in completely new ways.


Want to hear from more of our 5G Core experts?

Watch the video series

Insights from the floor: MWC findings, February 2023

Live cloud-native core networks

Learn more about the real experiences of running live cloud-native core networks at scale, with millions of subscribers.

Signaling controller

Ericsson is live with the signaling controller for large service providers across the globe. Network simplification, security and stability are all good reasons why you need a signaling controller when you scale your 5G network. Watch the video to learn more.

Energy-efficient traffic processing

Applying micro-sleep in 5G Core user plane can enable central processing unit power savings of up to 35 percent during normal operations. Read the research article, Energy-efficient packet processing in 5G mobile systems, to get more insights.

Software deployments at optimal cost

Kubernetes and microservices will have a major impact on operations and lifecycle management of software – watch the video to learn how.

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