Ericsson’s eSIM solution

It is not only about technology – it is about top line growth

eSIM - Let’s talk business

eSIM is not only about technology - eSIM is about convenience for the consumer and growth for Service Providers.

Ericsson's eSIM technology - fully dynamic and automatic provisioning of eSIMs

Ericsson’s eSIM solution brings new opportunities to the industry. By having the unique possibility for a fully automated provisioning consumers will have a one click convenient service. Try our revenue calculator to find out your business potential.   

Going beyond - new service opportunities

We asked consumers in five countries, representing more than 200 million smartphone users – about new use cases enabled by eSIM.

We were truly surprised by both the readiness and the willingness to pay for these new use cases.

Read more about:

  • which use case is 75% of the consumers willing to pay extra for every month.
  • which use case had an interest of 94%.
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Ondemand webinar: eSIM - Let’s talk business

Join the on demand webinar where Ericsson eSIM business and technology experts discuss how service providers can capture the eSIM opportunity and explore the eSIM use cases.

  • What use cases do the consumer value.
  • Business models and opportunities for Service Providers.
  • What you need to have to monetize the consumers demands
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Ericsson’s eSIM solution

Ericsson’s eSIM solution is comprised of Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server (SES) and Ericsson eSIM manager (GSMA certified SM-DP+) serving the onboarding of eSIM consumer devices.

The solution provides a fully automated end-to-end device and subscription orchestration procedure managing the device detection, user authorization for onboarding the eSIM device, creation of user and subscription profile, provisioning handling of both eSIM device and network elements as well as updating the Service Provider’s back office system as relevant.

It contributes with simplified user experience process for end users and, at the same time for the Service Provider, saving operational expenses for handling eSIM devices over their life cycle management.

Ericsson’s eSIM solution will give the Service Provider the opportunity to launch many attractive services for a wide range of eSIM devices. Users can instantly enable new services on their new eSIM device with minimum efforts.

The need to pre provision, create batch processes or use middleware solutions for eSIM profiles, is removed. The simplicity of Ericsson’s eSIM solution (activation) will give Service Providers the possibility to quickly launch new and innovative use cases improving top line.

eSIM demo - see how easy it will be to add

Have a look on how easy and convenient it will be to connect additional eSIM devices to your smartphone subscription!

Ericsson’s eSIM solution brings new values

Showing how easy eSIM technology works

Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server

The Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server supports the onboarding of VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling for SIM and eSIM devices as well as packet data eSIM devices. It handles multiple authentication channels and the orchestration of subscription profiles in network elements.

Ericsson's eSIM values

  • User friendly process for adding and managing devices
  • On-demand creation of IMSI and user subscription profiles (avoiding batch processing routines)
  • Variety of entitlement and orchestration channels to support required business processes and different national regulatory rules and security routines
  • Integration with core network, business support systems and back office systems for end-to-end orchestration completion.
  • Web-sheet and notification support for different device brands and models
  • Customization support for mobile network operator branding and layout
eSIM Manager explains the eSIM technology

Ericsson eSIM Manager

The Ericsson eSIM Manager offer GSMA certified SM-DP+ server, for the creation of IMSI profile security data, on demand. It cooperates with Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server to achieve fully automated zero touch onboarding solution.

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