The main benefits and triggers for deploying cloud-based VoLTE


Most VoLTE networks that have been deployed globally run over physical network functions. Due to ever increasing time to market and network efficiency pressure, service providers have now started the transformation journey towards cloud-based core networks. 

Some service providers have already successfully deployed VoLTE over a cloud-based core network, and most that are about to deploy VoLTE will do so by choosing between a variety of cloud solutions based on their strategic needs. 

So how can service providers benefit from utilizing NFV/cloud to deploy VoLTE and what aspects should be considered for a successful deployment?

The benefits of cloud-based VoLTE

What really are the benefits to virtualizing your core network? We believe there are three:


The best way to realize the main benefits is to virtualize complete services. Having several VNFs on the same hardware allows for synergies through hardware independence and automation. Have all your own VNFs share the same HW.

The main outcomes of deploying cloud-based VoLTE

Market positioning and a significant reduction in operational costs are two crucial reasons to consider cloud-based VoLTE:


There's no doubt cloud deployments open up new opportunities for service providers to evolve and manage their networks. These opportunities we've seen on the market relate to growing revenues, increased brand awareness and cost reduction. In addition, the total cost to deploy a new network is considerably lower than before.

How ready are you to deploy VoLTE?

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Once you've decided to deploy a VoLTE network, what should you consider when choosing the best type of deployment for your network?

Take a deep dive into our series of eBriefs designed to help you overcome the barriers of NFV adoption and accelerate your transformation.

We're also sharing the eight things we've learned from early adopters to help enterprises make the journey from physical networks to fully virtual. Read our interactive summary, here.

What kind of solution should you select for your network when going cloud VoLTE?

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Any existing SW approaching end-of-life?
  • Geographically divided/organized network?
  • Do you already have a cloud platform for telco work-loads in service?
  • How are you organized? Is the Cloud infrastructure operated by a separate department, or are the operations department for Voice also responsible for the infrastructure of the VoLTE service?
  • How often do you do Market- and Business innovation today? Tomorrow?
  • What is your default voice service on the phone? VoLTE or 3G? Today? Tomorrow?

The answers to these questions will point you to the right transformation scenario. From our work service providers, we have seen three main scenarios that are being considered for digital transformation. Each of these scenarios are dependent on what is to be achieved and the specific starting point.

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