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Ericsson Reduced Capability (RedCap)

A simple software addition to 5G standalone.

Ride the next wave of 5G with Ericsson Reduced Capability (RedCap)

Ericsson's new Reduced Capability (RedCap) RAN software opens up a new world of possibilities for communication service providers. This simple software addition will allow them to introduce services beyond enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) on 5G standalone architecture, broadening the ecosystem and offering new monetization opportunities in both the consumer and industrial spaces.

What is Ericsson Reduced Capability?

Ericsson Reduced Capability (RedCap) is a new RAN software solution that enhances existing 5G use cases and enables new ones (mid-tier use cases) for devices such as smartwatches, other wearables, and industry sensors by lowering complexity and extending battery life.

With service providers continuously investing in network capabilities to seize the opportunities offered by 5G, the next wave will help them grow their consumer business and enable new industry applications, all while improving system performance and energy efficiency.

5G RedCap is the driving force behind the expansion of the new radio (NR) device ecosystem.

  • Supports both FDD and TDD spectrum (low and mid-band) 
  • Max channel bandwidth 20 MHz  
  • Max throughput up to 50 (Uplink)/150(Downlink) Mbps 
  • Typical 1Tx/1Rx or 1Tx/2Rx antennas 
  • Increases maximum battery time from weeks to a few years  
  • Up to Max 256 QAM modulation 
  • Supports advanced NR capabilities necessary for IoT, UE Grouping, network slicing etc.

Capture the next wave of consumer and industry business opportunities with RedCap.

The three benefits

Broaden connectivity options for diverse use cases
Improve consumer experience and extend battery life
Accelerate the transition from 4G to 5G

What is NR RedCap?

The introduction of New Radio (NR) RedCap devices will help expand the 5G ecosystem to cater for the use cases that are not yet best served by current NR specifications. This enables significantly more connections to the 5G network. 

Compared to LTE device category 4, RedCap offers similar data rates with improved latency, device energy efficiency and spectrum efficiency.

There is also the potential to support 5G NR features such as enhanced positioning and network slicing.


Capturing the value of 5G


For consumers

  • Smartwatch/wearable – longer battery life with richer functionality 
  • AR/VR- slim form factor AR glasses for shopping, sightseeing, mid-range multimedia, service applications, information and education

For industry

  • Video monitoring – keep an eye on your entire facility using cameras and sensors
  • Smart manufacturing - connecting every part of the process
  • Inventory management – register your stock, move it around and change its status when sold or delivered

Why move to 5G standalone?

  • Enhanced user experience ​
  • Super-fast response times
  • Higher data rates
  • Greater capacity and coverage
  • Increased monetization opportunities
  • Simplified operation and service agility
  • Ultimate 5G architecture
Industry sensors

"5G is designed fundamentally as a highly customizable service. The evolution of NR RedCap from Ericsson, coupled with the advanced technologies deployed throughout our 5G network, will serve to bring that customization to life for a variety of devices, allowing us to efficiently allocate network resources while giving customers the best possible experience on our network. We look forward to how this advancement will help evolve the 5G ecosystem."

- Bill Stone, Vice President for Technology Planning at Verizon


Service offering opportunities

Man using smart watch

Regular lower end subscription

  • Portable router
  • Smartwatches
  • Credit card reader
5G RAN software and person v1

Bundled subscription

  • Smartphones + Smartwatches

  • Smartphones + Portable router

Smartphone used for payment with credit card reader

Exclusive RedCap subscription

  • Portable router
  • Smartwatches
  • Credit card reader
Woman wearing AR goggles

Special subscription category

  • AR glasses
  • Video surveillance
  • Alarm panel / remote control panel

Field testing and trials with CSPs and ecosystem partners

Reports and insights

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