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eSIM technology by Ericsson

eSIM technology

eSIM technology by Ericsson provides flexibility, seamless global connectivity services and can drive new business opportunities.

What is eSIM ?

eSIM is defined as an embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC) by GSMA, the global association responsible for setting the overall telecommunication framework with approximately 800 mobile operators. Compared to legacy plastic, removable SIM cards, the eUICC can be soldered directly into the device which provides greater flexibility since devices can immediately connect, no matter where they are deployed or where they may travel during their use. The evolution of the eSIM/eUICC makes it possible to survive in intense environments that experience extreme temperatures, humidity or vibrations. Ericsson helped pioneer eSIM management in the IoT platform market and has been helping businesses leverage connectivity since 2012.


What are the benefits of eSIM versus a physical SIM card?

Benefits of eSIM

One of the great benefits eSIM brings to consumers, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprises, is flexibility. As a key component of connectivity services, eSIM makes the selection, contracting and onboarding of CSPs easier. Consumers do not need to look for providers or go to CSP shops to buy SIM cards.

Legacy SIM services such as roaming, local breakout or SIM applets with multi-International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) are available via eSIM, when and where applicable. As a key innovation, eSIM can trigger a localization service with the flexibility to choose a new local CSP to remotely provision and activate a new subscription to the device when needed, over the air.

This flexibility truly enables global device manufacturers to rely on a single eSIM to be able to connect all their devices all over the world. eSIM technology simplifies device manufacturing and logistics by allowing a single stock-keeping unit.

With eSIM technology there is guaranteed seamless global connectivity services provided by CSPs across the entire device life cycle.

What are the opportunities with eSIM technology?


Ericsson’s eSIM technology offers a simplified user experience for end users as well as time-saving operational expenses for the CSP handling eSIM devices over the product’s lifecycle.

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eSIM to enterprise

eSIM technology eliminates the challenges of managing legacy plastic SIM cards by providing flexibility and limitless potential for connected devices. Enterprise eSIM management platforms can help provide visibility and remote provisioning across millions of devices.

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