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Distributing clouds to industry

How will distributed cloud turn the wheels of tomorrow’s industries?

Mobile edge computing

As we move deeper into 5G and cloud-native networks, the central cloud will make way for more adaptive and agile forms of mobile edge computing. This will enable operators to gravitate workloads closer to the massive data volumes generated by next generation of connected devices and machines – where the data is produced, insights are consumed and actions are taken. Low latency, high bandwidth and increased resiliency of mobile edge computing will enable real-time, intelligent and autonomous decision-making – making it an innovation playground for intelligent society and industry.

As we move beyond this, the distribution of artificial intelligence will lead to the edge becoming increasingly intelligent. This will evolve the edge further, making it not only relevant for low latency use cases, but offering potential to unlock highly intelligent and secure opportunities, data transmission efficiencies and a way to smartly handle the right data at the right place. In time, the cloud will evolve beyond the edge. Everything from the data center to tiny devices will become one universal compute fabric for distributed applications – blurring the lines between device, edge and cloud. 



Digitalizing port operations with 5G

For centuries, the Port of Livorno has been the gateway to Tuscany and its iconic cities of Florence, Pisa, and Siena. During the Renaissance, Italy became a cultural pioneer through the exportation of beautiful fashions, innovative designs and delicious food.

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Data traffic will triple by 2023. Only distributed cloud can secure the low latency and high bandwidth required to connect such scale with ease. Are you ready to gain an edge?

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