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New ABI Research report: Smart Manufacturing and how to get started – The Implementation and ROI of Industry 4.0 use cases with dedicated cellular connectivity

Industry 4.0

Industries are under constant pressure – to improve product quality, boost factory efficiency, stay competitive, enhance safety, security and sustainability, and remain profitable.

Continuing to drive operational efficiencies through traditional cost-cutting measures now provides only marginal gains. Industry 4.0 is about the significant transformation taking place in the way goods are produced and delivered – moving toward industrial automation and the flexible factory. To stay competitive, factories and warehouses must leverage the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and digitalization to become much more agile and efficient.

While industries have automated many processes, secure wireless connectivity empowers factory automation, making industrial automation possible on a much larger scale. By creating a digital foundation, industrial automation will increase productivity and performance.

Huge gains await industries that cut the cord and go wireless. Wireless cellular connectivity supports the business outcomes that industry expects from Industry 4.0. For instance, in manufacturing, it enables flexible production by allowing smart factories to rapidly changeover production lines to shorten lead times.

Wireless connectivity for industries

Breaking the flexibility ceiling

Moving from wired to wireless cellular connectivity brings greater flexibility to Industry 4.0 operations.

Enable smart manufacturing.

The transition to Industry 4.0 will depend on a successful adoption of many new technologies. To accelerate smart manufacturing, digital twins of machines and operations will be a necessity, as will factory automation and real-time control of equipment and tasks. For instance, Ericsson’s factory in Tallinn has demonstrated that with augmented reality troubleshooting, the average fault detection time reduction combined with better ergonomics and faster information sharing, can boost productivity by up to 50%.

Industry 4.0 will help make smart machines smarter, factories more efficient, processes less wasteful, production lines more flexible and productivity higher. Built on the foundation of smart, secure, wireless connectivity there are opportunities to extend machine life through predictive maintenance, support rapid material handling, monitor every detail of the shop floor, and leverage collaborative robots simultaneously with mobile communication. This will help factories realize their goal of becoming a fully automated factory.

Wireless cellular solutions for factories and warehouses.

Enterprises implementing Industry 4.0 need fast, reliable, secure wireless connectivity solutions. Ericsson’s wireless connectivity solutions, purpose-built for industrial environments, provide secure, reliable coverage, high device density, predictable latency, and full visibility of machines, processes and data.

Ericsson offers global connectivity and device management through the IoT Accelerator as well as on-premise connectivity solutions for industries.

How the wireless factory improves efficiency for smart manufacturing


Ericsson Industry Connect logo photographed at an Industry 4.0 event.

Better connectivity for Industry 4.0? Easy.

Ericsson Industry Connect is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, easy-to-manage connectivity solution for factories and warehouses. It includes an intuitive cloud-based management portal, with no telco expertise required.

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Factory worker inspecting machines in an industry 4.0 manufacturing environment.

Private Networks for industries

Enable business-critical and mission-critical industrial use cases with 4G and 5G connectivity. Offer scalable and highly reliable solutions for industries. Use automation and AI to boost network operation quality and efficiency.

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Smart Manufacturing

Automated manufacturing requires fast, reliable and secure cellular connectivity.

Smart Warehousing

Improved warehouse automation with a dedicated cellular network effects overall efficiency.

Mining operations

Providing safer working environments can be addressed with cellular connectivity.

Partnering for Industry 4.0

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