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2019 Report

In this year report, we look into the current developments as well as trends and insights up until 2025 in the microwave industry. The report also discusses in detail different technologies like MIMO, E-band that enable the required high capacities, now and in the future.


Ericsson Microwave Outlook 2018

With 5G bringing in new possibilities for operators across the globe, a higher capacity microwave backhaul becomes even more important to ensure high-quality mobile broadband. This year’s Ericsson Microwave Outlook report discusses how this demand can be met with advanced microwave technology, spectrum, combination with fiber, and machine intelligence.

Ericsson Microwave Outlook 2017

With the introduction of 5G in microwave bands, the availability and usage of microwave spectrum for fixed services will go through a major transformation in the next few years. This new report details topics such as future capacity requirements, microwave and fiber backhaul, trends in spectrum, 5G evolution and SDN for microwave.

Ericsson Microwave Outlook 2016

LTE is evolving rapidly and 5G is emerging as the next step to providing enhanced and diversified services and use cases, putting new demands on mobile backhaul. Networks will evolve incrementally to higher throughput and lower latency, depending on available radio spectrum and service demands. This report will detail the mobile backhaul capacity needs, future microwave transmission usage, 5G backhaul requirements and the benefits of SDN on microwave radios to mention some of the areas covered in the report.

Microwave Towards 2020 – 2015

The choice between fiber and microwave in backhaul networks will not be about capacity, it will be about fiber presence and TCO. Microwave technologies will continue to play a very strong role on the road to 5G. Microwave Towards 2020 - 2015 gives Ericsson's view of microwave in backhaul networks including capacity needs and use, spectrum, the importance of millimeter wave, wireless fronthaul and the use of microwave beyond mobile operators.

Microwave Towards 2020 – 2014

Microwave solutions meet virtually every conceivable backhaul requirement today and will continue to evolve to meet ever-increasing capacity demands and unprecedented levels of flexibility and cost-efficiency. Microwave Towards 2020 - 2014 gives Ericsson's view of important aspects of microwave in backhaul networks including capacity needs and capabilities, spectrum, total cost of ownership, packet functionalities and service defined networks and how this will evolve towards 2020.