Feature articles from Ericsson Microwave Outlook Reports

With each edition of the Ericsson Microwave Outlook Report, we include a number of feature articles, focusing on various hot topics of microwave transport for the period.

Lessons learned from a decade with E-band

E-band is increasing in importance with the arrival of 5G and its demand for high capacity. During the recent years of commercial deployment, a number of insights have been gained that will facilitate the future use of E-band.

Demystifying MIMO for microwave

MIMO is an attractive solution for increasing spectral efficiency when spectrum is a scarce resource. It is instrumental for future implementations of 100Gbps over microwave. However, there are many things to consider in order to reach the optimal MIMO installation.

Breaking the 100 Gbps barrier

The 100Gbps wireless transport barrier is broken by combining E-band radios with MIMO technology. Through this, 139Gbps over 1.5km was achieved, with high availability and low latency in a 2.5GHz channel.

Integrated Access and Backhaul in 5G NR

5G New Radio (NR) will bring a new backhaul option known as Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB), of high interest for the deployment of dense millimeter wave (mmWave), street-level radio nodes.

How machine intelligence is helping to manage networks

Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved from systems mimicking human behavior to systems leveraging human expertise.

Tools and techniques are finding their way into all parts of society, with applications even helping to manage microwave networks.