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Ericsson Microwave Outlook report

October 2022

Ericsson Microwave Outlook 2022

The Ericsson Microwave Outlook report, published annually, contains the latest trends, developments and insights into wireless backhaul industry.

Power efficiency and E-band in focus

The continued strong growth of 5G puts a focus on E-band, power efficiency and maximizing capacity in spectrum limited networks. To find out more about this and other interesting topic like spectrum, backhaul capacity and 5G in rural areas, download Ericsson Microwave Outlook 2022.  In this year's edition we continue providing insights and trends up until 2027 in the wireless backhaul industry.

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Key highlights from the report


E-band transceivers account for 6 percent of the global installed base


In 2027 E-band (70/80 GHz) will account for 25 percent of new deployments, both as standalone and in multi-band solutions


The energy efficiency of microwave radios has increased by a factor of 50 over the last two decades


Up to 20 percent of network energy can be saved over 5 years in our studied network with AI-powered deep-sleep and traffic-aware output power


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