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Ericsson Transport Automation Controller

Future-proof your transport network

Utilize automation and AI to optimize network performance

Master your transport network with Ericsson Transport Automation Controller

Turn data into actionable insights and take actions when and where needed – with a new intelligent, cloud-native transport controller that uses AI and ML to analyze and automate microwave, IP and optical networks.


Introducing Ericsson Transport Automation Controller | 3:14 min

Ericsson Transport Automation Controller enables communications service providers to stay ahead of the challenges impacting 5G transport network performance.

Take a proactive approach:

  • Reduce network complexity and boost efficiency
  • Optimize capacity and network performance
  • Reduce costs with existing network resources


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The new solution for transport network automation

Ericsson Transport Automation Controller offers best-in-class network observability, advanced analytics, and AI-enabled automation and control, empowering communications service providers to take data-driven actions in their microwave, IP and optical networks when and where needed. It rapidly detects performance degradations and capacity utilization issues in real time and provides insights on how to optimize the overall transport network performance.

AI-driven intelligence and insights

AI-driven intelligence and insights

Advanced analytics based on real-time transport network monitoring and frequent data collection, provided by leveraging AI/ML models developed using Ericsson’s expertise in 5G Transport.

Analytics and automation made easy

Analytics and automation made easy

A single pane of glass for transport network observability, enabling intelligent automation and control via an easy-to-use web-based interface with customizable dashboards and configuration wizards.

Flexible and scalable

Flexible and scalable

Cloud-native product intended for deployment on an operator’s premises, with the ability to easily scale from small to large networks.

Endorsing standardization and openness

Endorsing standardization and openness

Standards-based, multi-domain AI product built for vendor-agnostic control and easy integration with 3PP components and transport nodes.

Future-proof your transport network investment

By implementing a combined transport analytics and automation solution that is easy to deploy, use, and manage, that can scale and accommodate new transport technologies as they emerge or when the need for them appears, communications service providers can rest assured they have future-proofed their investment without needing to start from the baseline.

Preventive actions through automated decision-making reduce manual work and errors, resulting in enhanced network quality and performance and, ultimately, high user satisfaction.

AI-enabled traffic predictions, proactive actions, and data-driven recommendations for automation and optimization boost operational and energy efficiency.

Near real-time root-cause analysis reduces the time for troubleshooting and minimizes manual work – resulting in more efficient use of your network engineers, fewer site visits and material returns, leading to lower operational costs and time savings.

How it works



Gain real-time visibility, data collection, and monitoring of your transport network via our intuitive web-based user interface with interactive maps and configurable dashboards.



Identify network problems and prevent potential disruption and downtime before they impact your users with AI/ML predictive analytics.



Keep your transport network running smoothly and efficiently with intelligent automation for intent-driven problem resolution and resource optimization.


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Learn about Ericsson Transport Automation Controller and the value it brings to you

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Hear from our experts

What challenges can CSPs solve with AI-enabled transport analytics and automation?

Watch Jari Augustin, Head of Product Line Transport Automation at Ericsson, revealing how Ericsson Transport Automation Controller helps service providers address key priorities in the transport network.

Ericsson Transport Automation Controller – what is it and how it works?

In this video, Jutta Kemppainen, Strategic Product Manager for Transport Automation at Ericsson, explains how Ericsson Transport Automation Controller uses automation and AI to optimize efficiency and transport network performance.

Master the invisible with Ericsson Transport Automation Controller

The more we can master the invisible tasks in our transport networks using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the more time and resources we will have to add value to other areas for our customers.

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Master the invisible with Ericsson Transport Automation Controller

The more we can master the invisible tasks in our transport networks using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the more time and resources we will have to add value to other areas for our customers.

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