MINI-LINK Equipement in a mast

MINI-LINK is the market-leading microwave family for cost-efficient mobile transport networks.

MINI-LINK 6000 enabling ubiquitous 5G transport

With unmatched flexibility, MINI-LINK 6000 provides the right solution for each part of the network, all deployment scenarios and site types, enabling sound investments in line with the service providers’ needs.

The portfolio offers both split mount and all outdoor shorthaul as well as long haul solutions covering the complete microwave spectrum from 4 up to 80 GHz.

MINI-LINK 6000 offers advanced packet functionality including advanced sync and L3 VPN, using IP/MPLS, as well as L2. All network scenarios are supported with superior performance combined with the lowest possible cost of ownership.

MINI-LINK Equipement in a mast

Market leading

Superior system gain, saving up to 50% on antenna rent and enabling 45% longer 10 Gbps E-band hops. Superior power efficiency with 30% lower power consumption than industry standard.

5G Ready

High capacities, many 10G interfaces, L3 and L2 support with low latency and time and phase sync enables 5G in urban, suburban and rural areas.


Extensive portfolio for all needs

All frequencies, 4-80 GHz, and all building practise, all outdoor and split mount shorthaul and indoor or split mount long haul.

Ericsson Microwave Outlook

In this year report, we look into the current developments as well as trends and insights up until 2025 in the microwave industry. The report also discusses in detail different technologies like MIMO, E-band that enable the required high capacities, now and in the future.

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MINI-LINK 6000 Brochure

Deploying a 5G network? MINI-LINK 6000 fulfills your necessary 5G requirements and enables 5G transport everywhere.

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Our range of products
Split Mount Shorthaul

Includes radio link units and capacity in all frequencies with superior system gain and power efficiency.

All Outdoor Shorthaul

Includes outdoor products that can be installed stand-alone or together with other products.

Long Haul

Provides best in class spectrum efficiency and make the most out of the available frequency spectrum.

Microwave Analytics

Microwave analytics enables you to be proactive. With the help of AI and machine learning it will improve the customer...

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