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MINI-LINK is the market-leading microwave family for cost-efficient mobile transport networks.  

MINI-LINK offers market-leading link capacity, power efficiency and superior system gain.  MINI-LINK is flexibly supporting any frequency, any site type, switching & routing, and any type of sync. The installed base can be evolved in a cost-efficient way.

Market leading

Market leading power efficiency and link capacity in all frequencies, with superior system gain.

All frequencies

From 4 to 80 GHz


All building practices

Indoor, outdoor, and split

Our range of products
Long Haul

Long haul microwave solutions are used whenever there is a need for high capacities over relative long distances...

All Outdoor Shorthaul

MINI-LINK all outdoor shorthaul includes only outdoor products that can be installed stand-alone or together with...

Split Mount Shorthaul

Split mount shorthaul includes the best in class radio link units and the highest capacity in all frequencies with...