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Ericsson Product Information Assistant

Ericsson Product Information Assistant

As easy as asking a colleague

Knowledge in your hand

Looking for information should be as easy as asking a colleague. Knowledge is power and improving access to information enables users to efficiently and correctly utilize Ericsson products.

Ericsson Product Information Assistant, answers your product questions through an intuitive user interface supporting multiple formats. Supported by artificial intelligence the assistant provides knowledge on Ericsson Radio System hardware products. Watch the video to learn more about the Ericsson Product Information Assistant and how it can support users to get the answers they need. 

Download instructions


  • Ericsson Product Information Assistant is found on Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • An approved Ericsson account is required to login.
  • Please contact Extranet Support if you have questions or need help.


Product information assistant

Google play

Product information assistant

Apple app store

How the assistant works

Direct answers

The assistant’s ambition is always to provide a direct answer to the question. Not to provide a search result with links to documents providing the answer.


The assistant can guide the end user through a procedure of e.g. installing a HW unit or solving an alarm. If available this information can also be conveyed in video format.

QR Code Support

The assistant has a feature that allows you to scan a QR code on the Ericsson Radio System HW equipment to retrieve relevant information for that product.

External data source

The assistant can also utilize external sources of information where relevant, like Wikipedia.

Multiple Language support

The Product Information Assistant supports multiple languages. The assistant and the user can interact in a range of different languages in both text and voice.

Dialogs with the assistant

The assistant is constantly becoming cleverer in understanding and communicating with the user. Asking follow-up questions and keeping the context of the dialog.

Small Talk & Help

The assistant is capable to answer questions about itself, e.g. who it is and what products it supports, etc.

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