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Network Services - The power of people and technology

Network intelligence and services

The power of people and technology

Welcome to Ericsson's Networks

Future-proof, scalable network architecture and services. In an industry that is constantly on the move, staying ahead can be make or break. Our approach is simple. We build network products and solutions that empower your customers. Transform your future network with innovations that are built for tomorrow’s demands.

What is Networks?

Hardware, software, and related service offerings, both for radio access network (RAN) and mobile transport, focusing on service providers.

Ericsson’s end-to-end 5G Platform, across radio, core and transport networks together with OSS/BSS and network services enables operators to evolve to new 5G capabilities at a speed that matches their own business strategy, while enhancing current 4G business by reducing risk and making best use of current infrastructure.

Ericsson’s network technology enables evolution to full 5G deployment through natural, step-wise implementation – one that balances investment, new revenue streams and competitiveness. Furthermore, Ericsson’s network technology enables operators to quickly offer enhanced mobile broadband to consumer customers and address the new opportunities with Fixed Wireless Access, Cellular IoT, Antenna System,and industrial applications.

Ericsson’s Network Portfolio includes hardware, software, solutions, and related service offerings, covering Ericsson’s end-to-end 5G platform.

Network offerings


Switch on 5G with Ericsson Radio System. Secure a smooth, fast and agile introduction of 5G, to reduce cost per gigabyte for your mobile broadband business and enabling industry digitalization for growth. Find out more about Ericsson's Fixed Wireless Access, Cellular IoT and Antenna System solutions.

Mission Critical Communications

Built on Ericsson’s leading 3GPP 4G and 5G technology, our mission critical communications and applications deliver next generation, high performing, resilient and secure mission critical mobile broadband communication services. Together with service providers, we empower digital transformation for Public Safety agencies and Critical Infrastructure industries.

Network Services

Network Services combines the power of people (Support Services) and technology and aims to create self-learning networks to optimize workforce with network efficiency as well as improve network roll-out performance.

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We build network products, solutions and services that empower your customers.

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