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China Unicom deploys Radio Dot System in 500 Beijing buildings within 3 months

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In 500 commercial and residential buildings across Beijing, subscribers now enjoy uninterrupted 4G services. The result of a collaboration of China Unicom and Ericsson, the project represents the largest deployment of the Ericsson Radio Dot System in a single city.

Challenge: Find a cost-effective way to improve indoor coverage

Operators in urban areas face a challenge: providing superior voice and data coverage in an environment where millions of people want connect to a network at the same time. This is exemplified in Beijing, a city where 21 million people live, work and socialize on a daily basis.

China Unicom, one of China’s leading network providers, set out to improve the indoor connectivity experience for its millions of subscribers in Beijing. To evolve their hybrid network, China Unicom needed an efficient, cost-effective, and easy to deploy solution with guaranteed levels of service.

Solution: Ericsson Radio Dot System

China Unicom saw Ericsson Radio Dot System as the clear choice for their challenge. In addition to superior performance, ease of use, and short time-to-market, the Radio Dot System is backed up with our end-to-end planning, deployment and optimization services.

We worked with China Unicom to integrate the Radio Dot System seamlessly with existing systems and surroundings in 500 buildings. The entire project took only three months – even in super-sized shopping malls, the system was up and running in just a few days.

4G/LTE Ericsson Radio Dot System

A future-proof structure for growing demand

A future-proof structure for growing demand

Fully integrated within the existing network

Fully integrated within the existing network

●	Project management, design, build and integration services

Project management, design, build and integration services

Integrated Small-Cells-as-a-service managed services

Integrated Small-Cells-as-a-service managed services

Result: Rapid deployment for superior coverage

For China Unicom subscribers, the Radio Dot System deployment has led to uninterrupted 4G services in all 500 buildings. Today, in one of the world’s fastest growing cities, China Unicom is bolstering subscriber loyalty with a network that is ready for continually increasing demand.

China Unicom is using Ericsson’s Radio Dot System

"The Radio Dot System is scalable – capable of meeting both current and future requirements of China Unicom’s growing capacity and coverage needs.". Nishant Batra, Head of Network Infrastructure Products, Ericsson

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