Smarter site engineering with drones and site digitalization

5G roll-out for an always-on network

Network services are crucial to the evolution of 5G, IoT and industrial digitalization. Ericsson Network Roll-out services are continuously evolving to ensure their fast, efficient, sustainable and accurate delivery.

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As 5G-enabled technologies develop, the service provider will need to increase their network capacity and meet critical performance requirements in terms of latency, robustness, availability and documentation. To help you embrace these challenges, we are introducing AI-powered engineering solutions that combine machine learning and people’s expertise across our portfolio. That way, we can boost the effectiveness of our roll-outs and enable our networks to self-learn and self-optimize. As a result, you can capitalize on the opportunities opened up by 5G, and you can also ensure the optimal user experience.

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Rolling out 5G

Our Network Services are continuously evolving to ensure these are delivered in a fast, efficient and accurate way, allowing service providers to capitalize on the opportunities created by 5G.

Sustainable network roll-out

Remote access and innovations such as Intelligent Site Engineering are enabling our experts to avoid unnecessary travel to sites, achieving more accurate installations in a sustainable way.

Smarter roll-out with AI

We use AI and machine learning combined with the knowledge of our services experts to ensure the fast, efficient and accurate evolution and roll-out of our networks.

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