Urban Wireless

Connectivity for the modern urbanite

Increasing capacity and coverage where it matters the most

How people connect in urban areas will become increasingly important as we densify networks for 5G. Easy to install, low-cost and high performing solutions will be at the forefront of this densification, including small cells and Ericsson's Street portfolio.

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5G and Wi-Fi: Looking for the right technology to address the need for advanced connectivity indoors?

5G NR and Wi-Fi 6 are able to boost bandwidth and capacity while being more efficient than legacy solutions. But, which one should you pick for your specific needs? Read more in our latest report.

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Key offerings

Ericsson radio dot

Indoor Small Cells

Ericsson's indoor small cells are a proven technology for meeting the demand of increased indoor voice and data coverage and capacity. With the predicted growth of 4G and soon to be 5G data applications, is your network performing to its full potential indoors? Step away from the window and jump into a world of uninterrupted connectivity for virtual reality, 4k/8k video streaming and remote control applications.

Ericsson Lightpole site

Outdoor Small Cells

Ericsson's outdoor micro radio series provides seamless mobility for users moving in and out of the small cell coverage area. These radios have the best in class design, superior radio performance and power efficiency when it comes to medium range 3GPP radio products.

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Street Solutions

Improve network capacity in urban environments. Today, it's all about speed and access to new network capabilities, especially in dense urban areas.
But often, connectivity can suffer in large urban environments, and it can be difficult to expand the network and bring connectivity to the streets.

Connectivity for the modern urbanite

Indoor and outdoor solutions for the busiest areas in your network.

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Key solutions

Deliver high performance indoor wireless

Ericsson’s indoor small cell solutions are designed to satisfy the demand of data-hungry users.

Boost outdoor connectivity

Outdoor small cell solutions will be an integral part of delivering high speed connectivity to your subscribers.

Enhance street coverage

Connect urban subscribers as they commute, work, and play. Small cell solutions in streets.

Connect fans at stadiums

Deliver the perfect event experience with targeted solutions to deliver enhanced mobile broadband.

Ensure success with targeted site solutions

Learn how to reuse existing infrastructure for new small cell and street sites.

Bring superior connectivity to the office

Enterprise connectivity goes far beyond Wi-Fi.  Deliver robust cellular connectivity to your employees with indoor small cells.


KT brings 5G indoors with the Ericsson Radio Dot System

KT and Ericsson have successfully trialed and deployed an indoor 5G network using the Ericsson Radio Dot System. KT’s Daegu office is the first site to be deployed, now delivering robust connectivity for its employees.

Gigabit LTE network launched in China

As China Unicom's strategic partner, Ericsson is providing the small cells technology behind China's first Gigabit LTE network. Ericsson’s Radio Dot System is allowing consumers and industry to take the first step towards 5G.

China Unicom deploys Radio Dot System in 500 Beijing buildings

Our collaboration with China Unicom saw the largest deployment of the Ericsson small cell solutions and Radio Dot System in a single city. Subscribers in 500 commercial and residential buildings across Beijing now enjoy uninterrupted 4G services. 

XL Axiata, Indonesia: A model for change

Ericsson partnered with XL Axiata to improve their user experience. Our innovative small cell solutions approach resulted in a network quality KPI improvement of 50 percent, while coverage increased by 60 percent. 

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