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Indoor 5G has never been easier to deploy, scale, and monetize

Infinite connections, one solution

Indoor 5G has never been easier to deploy, scale, and monetize.

More indoor 5G capacity and capabilities

The race to capture the business-critical indoor market is on. Over 80 percent of data is consumed inside – yet only a relatively small number of buildings have an indoor 5G network.

Introducing the latest additions to the Ericsson Radio Dot System | 1:12 min


Capture this untapped business opportunity with Ericsson’s new indoor 5G solutions that allow you to:

  • Connect any venue – big or small – with one family of products
  • Delight your enterprise customers with new 5G use cases
  • Meet any indoor network requirements with leading energy-efficiency and lowest total cost of ownership
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New solutions

This is IRU 8850

IRU 8850

A more flexible, cost-efficient, and energy-efficient alternative to Active DAS

A purpose-built, high-performing solution for single or multi-operator deployments in medium to large venues, providing increased capacity for a lower cost per square meter.

The IRU 8850 enables network sharing for up to four networks and connects up to 8 Radio Dots and 8 venues, all delivering multi-Gbps speeds. The solution is Cloud RAN-ready to support future network evolution and future mobile generations.

  • Up to 80 percent reduction in equipment space compared to Active DAS
  • 4x bigger coverage than previous-generation IRUs
  • Up to 8 venues served from one centralized location, with a 10 km fiber reach
  • Up to 70 percent increased energy efficiency compared to Active DAS
  • Reduce total cost of ownership up to 50 percent more with network sharing
  • Fast and simple to deploy with CAT6 cables

Consumers – enhance customer experience and increase subscriber satisfaction with more capacity everywhere.

Enterprises – deliver superb performance and unlock new use cases, such as asset tracking, for large-scale enterprise deployments.

Small and medium businesses – cover more venues and offer plug-and-play services with one centralized IRU and extended fiber reach of up to 10 km.

Ericsson 5G Precise Positioning

Ericsson 5G Precise Positioning

Positioning for indoor networks with Ericsson Radio Dot System

A new software feature using Ericsson Network Location (ENL) and the Radio Dot System (RDS) for locating any 5G device.

Ericsson 5G Precise Positioning is a cloud-native, secure, and cost-efficient, asset-tracking platform with unmatched 3D cellular positioning precision of <1m. It is integrated with the existing network and needs only a cellular connection to run.

  • Increased ROI and enterprise customer value with sub-meter positioning services
  • Seamless asset-tracking suitable for various enterprise customers, e.g. hospitals, mines, and warehouses
  • An all-in-one solution covering 5G capacity, coverage, and positioning

Enterprises – offer precise positioning services for indoor enterprise environments and use cases, such as asset tracking and automated guided vehicles (AGV) management.

Consumers – enable consumer-focused use cases, such as user equipment tracking and smart building use cases for public venues and mission critical communications.

Indoor Fusion Unit

Indoor Fusion Unit

A compact, plug-and-play indoor 5G solution for smaller buildings

A simple and affordable plug-and-play solution for smaller venues, with all the same benefits and performance of the Ericsson Radio Dot System.

An all-in-one indoor 5G + 4G solution with a sleek, compact design for wall-mount installations. Includes a pre-integrated IRU and Ericsson RAN Compute baseband with full RAN feature parity. Up to 4 Radio Dots can be connected – delivering multi-Gbps speeds.

  • Cost-effective and rapid indoor 5G deployment with pre-integrated hardware and software
  • Plug-and-play auto-integration over ISP-provided backhaul connectivity
  • Full RAN feature parity with macro network and Ericsson Radio Dot System
  • Fast, IT-like deployment with CAT6 cables
  • Easy ordering, warehousing, and installation

Consumers – provide more coverage and capacity to enhance customer experience and increase subscriber satisfaction.

Smaller enterprises and branch locations – simplify indoor deployments and offer new services in smaller buildings.

Deep dive with our experts

Expert video - IRU 8850

Expert video - Ericsson 5G Precise Positioning

Expert video - Indoor Fusion Unit

Key benefits


More capacity with the new multi-operator, cloud-ready, IRU 8850. Enables up to 80 percent reduction in equipment space compared to Active DAS, and is up to 70 percent more energy efficient.

1m positioning accuracy indoors

Offer seamless location services with 5G Precise Positioning and enable a variety of new enterprise use cases (with no additional infrastructure).

Plug and play

Scale up deployments in small-to-medium venues with the Indoor Fusion Unit: a compact, plug-and-play solution with from 5K square feet (450 square meters) of coverage.

All running on Ericsson Radio Dot

These new indoor 5G solutions are part of the Ericsson Radio Dot System family – Ericsson’s market-leading indoor radio suite.

The Radio Dot System makes it easier to scale in-building 5G deployments across any type of venue in a cost and energy-efficient way.


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Monetization opportunities

CSPs side

For service providers

  • Reach more buildings in a cost-efficient way
  • Add more indoor capacity to improve subscriber experience everywhere
  • Maximize flexibility for enterprise connectivity
  • Unlock new sought-after enterprise services such as asset tracking to increase ROI
  • Lease equipment usage to other service providers with multi-operator solutions
  • Enable seamless asset tracking and location services across multiple indoor environments
Neutral Hosts side

For neutral hosts

  • Enable more indoor capacity at a lower cost per square meter
  • Extend fiber reach of up to 10 km to serve more venues
  • Connect up to 6 networks easily with one indoor system
  • More streamlined and energy-efficient solution for building owners
  • No rip and replace required with fully future-proof solution

Why Ericsson?

More flexibility to handle real-world in-building 5G scenarios

One family of indoor 5G products to cover any building

Delight your enterprise customers and monetize indoor 5G

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