Five to watch: the power of adaptable technology

In the latest edition of Ericsson Technology Review, our CTO, Erik Ekudden, presents five trends that are shaping the future development of network platforms. We’ll introduce you to each trend here starting with the evolution of software and hardware.

Today we present: ‘Technology trends 2017’ which looks at five trends identified by Ericsson CTO, Erik Ekudden that are part of an ongoing transformation of the industry and continuous technology evolution. These include adaptable technology, machine intelligence, IoT security, distributed IoT platforms, and augmented and virtual reality.

The first trend, ‘An adaptable technology base’, is about the symbiotic evolution of software and hardware that is beginning to take place. Ekudden predicts that more advanced architectural structures as well as predictive software algorithms will emerge in concert to meet the demand for increased network flexibility. Beamforming in 5G networks is a good example of the kind of development that is already happening today.

Earlier this year Ericsson, together with SK Telecom and BMW Korea, used advanced beamforming and beam tracking to demonstrate record-breaking data transmission speeds on a 5G network.

Read more about all five trends in the latest issue of Technology Review or explore further how we are unlocking society’s potential with disruptive innovation.


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