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TIM takes first commercial 5G steps in Italy with Ericsson

TIM is switching on its 5G network in Italy and has chosen Ericsson 5G commercial hardware, software and solutions, including radio access network (RAN) and core network, for the initial deployment of the new technology.

Jul 08, 2019
Photo of 5G test handset device with TIM logo in the background

TIM has already gone live with commercial 5G in Rome, Turin and Naples with services for users, families, and companies.

TIM has already launched the first commercial offers for consumer and business customers and has entered into partnership with handset device makers Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo to enable an immediate use of the new-generation network. TIM will also offer 5G roaming in six countries, starting this month in Austria, Great Britain and Switzerland and then extended to Spain, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

TIM rolled out its 5G network on 3.6-3.8 GHz mid-band. In this initial phase TIM is deploying Ericsson’s 3GPP standards-based Non-Standalone 5G portfolio from Ericsson Radio System, supported through a software upgrade of their existing 5G Core network.

Built on top of TIM’s 4G network, the enhanced mobile broadband capabilities will enable customers to connect to both 4G and 5G simultaneously to get the best possible experience even in the most crowded areas.

Ericsson has provided TIM with Massive MIMO radios from its mid-band portfolio. With the 4G-5G dual connectivity technology, TIM’s 5G network provides top data speeds to deliver a superior user experience. 

Elisabetta Romano, CTIO, TIM, says: “TIM is launching the digital transformation of the country with 5G, through the progressive roll-out of the new technology in major cities and industrial districts. Thanks to the collaboration with Ericsson, we are creating a clear roadmap and building a robust ecosystem that will enable us to maximize the potential of 5G.”

Emanuele Iannetti, Head of Ericsson Italy, says: “We are excited to support the launch one of the fastest mid-band 5G networks in the world. We have been working in close partnership with TIM on 5G for tests in the lab, research projects, field trials, and now initial commercial deployment. The introduction of 5G will create a powerful platform for innovation. Using 5G, new use cases benefitting society, consumers and enterprises will be created. Consumers will benefit from a premium experience with higher speeds and better coverage, while new wireless functionality will accelerate digital transformation of Italian industries.”

Ericsson and TIM have conducted several 5G trials in recent years, reaching important milestones. The companies started their 5G collaboration with the 5G for Italy program in 2016, aimed at creating an open ecosystem for research and implementing innovative projects enabled by 5G, and accelerating the country’s digitalization.

In 2017 TIM and Ericsson were the first to activate a 5G millimeter wave antenna in Italy. Other important national milestones were the first 5G connection in Italy on TIM’s live network using the country’s first 5G prototype smartphone; the first 5G New Radio video call using millimeter wave spectrum in Europe; and the virtualization of the 5G radio access network in Turin.

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