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Ericsson wins Red Dot Design Award 2024 for two innovative radios

Ericsson has won two of the prestigious Red Dot Awards for industrial design and user experience with the Radio 4471 and Streetmacro 6705

Radio tower in a forest

Ericsson has been recognized anew for its excellence in industrial and user experience implementation with two Red Dot Awards 2024, one of the most renowned design competitions globally.

The award-winning products, Radio 4471 and Streetmacro 6705, showcase an innovative approach to industrial design and user experience, emphasizing their exceptional design features that prioritize functionality and user satisfaction.

Base station

Representing the latest generation remote radio in the Ericsson Radio System portfolio, Radio 4471 is a symbol of innovation, meeting the growing demand for efficient and resilient telecom solutions. Leveraging extensive customer feedback, Ericsson has reengineered the product, resulting in a state-of-the-art, future-proof 5G radio that redefines industry standards.

Radio 4471 has an ultra-lightweight design with seamless integration of components, achieving an unprecedented 40 percent reduction in weight – from 17 kg to a mere 10 kg – potentially rendering it as the world’s lightest macro radio. The significance of this weight reduction extends far beyond mere numbers. In a landscape where each unit must be deployed and installed, the weight of the radio plays a pivotal role. Heavier radios not only incur higher production and deployment emissions but also demand increased man-hours and specialized installation equipment. Beyond its unparalleled lightweight design, Radio 4471 further represents superior performance reliability and adaptability.

As the second-generation base station for millimeter wave technology, the Streetmacro 6705 represents innovation and is now deployed at several 5G sites. It epitomizes speed and capacity in the growing market of mobile broadband and Fixed Wireless Access. Unlike traditional base stations, the Streetmacro 6705 integrates antenna, radio, and baseband into a single unit, streamlining deployment and enhancing operational efficiency. Its unique narrow form factor and compact design enable seamless integration onto street and utility poles, minimizing visual impact while maximizing performance.

The product’s clean and simple design facilitates the straightforward application of camouflage foil, allowing for enhanced integration into visual environments.

Johan Hultell, Head of Product Line Radio, Business Area Networks at Ericsson, says: “Ericsson continues to showcase our focus for innovation and human-centered design. With Radio 4471 and Streetmacro 6705, Ericsson pioneers innovation and advances 5G industry standards. Together with our customers we are crafting future-proof solutions that surpass industry expectations.”