Showcasing our 5G potential at Vodafone’s Business Lounge launch

On October 8th we were part of Vodafone Business Lounge, with over 80 senior Vodafone UK team and partners, where we showcased three 5G-focused demos.

Oct 09, 2019
5G IoT  
Four people looking into screens to view a demo with Ericsson logos on the stands

The opening of the Vodafone Business lounge, at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, home of the Wasps Rugby club, saw a range of experts who shared their business insights and discussed how 5G will drive a new level of engagement in sport. The line-up included Scott Petty, CTO, Vodafone UK, Igor Leprince, Chairman, West Midlands 5G, and Stephen Vaughan, CEO of Sport at Wasps.

Among Ericsson’s three 5G-centered demos, Mixed Reality – a digitalized, augmented reality twin of an actual city – was featured at the event, allowing users to visualize alternatives for future buildings within existing cityscapes.

The team showcased a VR-enabled life complete with a 5G demonstration too, presenting the benefits of 5G in the world of sports, shopping, and even transportation.

There was also an Ericsson Digital Twin demo harnessing 5G to virtually bring users to the manufacturing line. In this last demonstration, the connection enabled by 5G presented levels of quality able to deliver vivid details right down to vibrations, temperature, pressures, and absorptions, allowing users to optimize complex processes and production scenarios.

Ericsson was also present at the event with its Ericsson Radio System, including the 5G Radio Dot, to provide high-performance indoor coverage at Vodafone’s Business Lounge venue. 

Peter Marshall, Portfolio Marketing Manager at Ericsson, said: “A key driver for 5G is to provide value for both industry and society and we have therefore provided a range of demos that give the visitors a real sense of what can be achieved with 5G through immersive experiences.”

Marielle Lindgren, Head of Ericsson UK & Ireland, said: “Presenting these demos at the Vodafone Business Lounge event is an opportunity to showcase some of the game-changing innovations we’re making a reality. 5G has enabled us to reimagine how we conduct traditional processes in favor of developing safer, more efficient, and more impactful methods for the betterment of industries and society. We’re pleased to have this opportunity to demonstrate some of the possibilities that 5G will bring.”