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Ericsson Finland continues collaboration with #mimmitkoodaa program

At Ericsson, we believe that inclusion and diversity are some of the most important building blocks of our company and they are fundamental to our business development, our company cultures and our core values. We believe that diverse, inclusive teams drive performance and innovation, which is precisely what prompted our Finland office to begin the cooperation with #mimmitkoodaa (Women code program) – to take concrete actions towards gender diversity within software industry.


Apr 16, 2021
Women in front of a big screen depicting Ericsson Finland collaboration with #mimmitkoodaa program

“When we bring people with various backgrounds together, new ideas are generated, and new perspectives can be found. Together our differences create a strong, effective and powerful company culture”, says Harri Oikarinen, Country Manager for Ericsson Finland.

Regardless of whether the women in the program wish to change fields completely, or are looking for new skills they can utilize in their current job, it’s a joy for Ericsson as a company to be active in the program and share our professional knowledge.

“We want to foster a Learning Lifestyle, and make learning a natural part of everyday life by supporting and inspiring people to find new opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge. Learning Lifestyle is a community driven initiative; the community sets the agenda and provides the content. Crowd sourcing, a bottom-up approach, is used as we have a huge amount of tacit knowledge within our community”, says Outi Väättänen, Coach, Ericsson Finland.


Join our #mimmitkoodaa virtual events:

  • Innovative Mindset by Leila Niittymäki & Juho Vieruaho in #mimmitkoodaa virtual event on April 23 (This Is Not a Webinar)
  • Lean & Kanban by Hannu Törmänen on May 7
  • Power of Community – Experience sharing by Minna Hallikainen on June 4