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Danish VR project with TDC NET and Ericsson to be extended to Europe and Latin America

Ericsson and TDC NET have started a new collaboration to train TDC NET’s engineers with Virtual Reality (VR). The VR trainings are the first of its kind in the Nordics, and will be spreading further to the rest of Europe and Latin America. The project will strengthen the engineers’ skills through the principles of observation, imitation, and interaction.

Feb 21, 2024
A woman wearing a VR headset and using handheld controllers

When TDC NET trains its engineers, the flat 2D screen is replaced with a 360-degree experience in a virtual universe that includes 3D models of technical equipment, with construction tasks to be solved in real life situations. TDC NET’s engineers are the first in the Nordic region to use VR technology to explore and understand Ericsson's 5G and mobile technology, which is a prerequisite for TDC NET’s mobile network in Denmark.  

Søren Elsborg, Vice President for Mobile Innovation, TDC NET says: “The VR project has resulted in significantly faster knowledge acquisition and, most importantly, a deeper understanding of the technology. Ericsson and TDC NET’s partnership marks a new era of VR training that activates the brains sensory system with less distractions from the outside world. We have great ambitions for this collaboration, which will revolutionize and rethink the way our engineers learn.”

In the VR environment, several senses in the brain are activated in parallel, making the process of learning easier and more effective. It is shown to be similar to the complex type of learning that children experience when learning to talk, walk and eat.  

To meet the demand for trained engineers, as 5G subscribers in Latin America are expected to reach 51 percent by 2029, 50 percent in Central & Eastern Europe, and 85% in Western Europe respectively, these regions are next in line for the expansion of VR training. 

Niclas Backlund, Country Manager Denmark, Ericsson says: "We are proud of our collaboration with TDC NET, which will shape the way their engineers will develop professionally. In fact, the response has been so positive that we are already preparing to roll out this approach to our partners in the rest of Europe and Latin America.” 

Ericsson already has more than 300 digital training modules available to train telecommunications engineers, and the new VR-training is the next logical step to offer even better training for engineers. With this collaboration, Ericsson and TDC NET are taking the lead in reshaping digital learning.