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All Access: Your Learning. Your Way.

Your learning. Your way.

Today, there is a pressing need for new training solutions. Our digital training library includes the complete Ericsson technology portfolio and bridges the gap between training needs and readiness.

Bill Firpi, Head of Business Development at Ericsson Learning Services

Bill Firpi, Head of Business Development at Ericsson Learning Services says, “We are witnessing a never-seen-before demand for new, remote solutions. Our digital learning is self-paced and addresses this key requirement of the industry, allowing you the freedom to explore your own learning trajectory. The idea is simple: To ensure our customers are trained at the highest level possible to maximize the potential of their Ericsson products.”

Ericsson All Access is our single-price service offering, ensuring you have unlimited and uninterrupted access to all the eLearning content available in the global Ericsson Training library. It’s an enviable knowledge repository that is updated regularly and includes more than 100 interactive trainings and videos, podcasts and white papers – all created by our domain experts. With All Access, we’re giving you the opportunity to access everything at once, instead of single course licenses.


All Access is digital on-demand learning at its best

Our learning platform is available to you 24/7. It’s easy to administrate and the learning paths can be personalized, addressing the individual needs of each learner, whether they are experienced professionals or graduate trainees.

Want to refresh your knowledge or revisit a learning module?

The learning assets available on All Access can be re-watched as many times as you want, and our “ask the expert” functionality allows you to connect with Ericsson professionals for a one-on-one clarification of any doubts and queries.


Do you miss the classroom experience?
Then we have All Access PLUS

All Access PLUS is our premium subscription that offers you an instructor-led learning experience via eLectures, recorded multi-hour learnings, enabling you to understand Ericsson’s best-in-class technology with the aid of practical exercises and demonstrations. What’s even better, the complete All Access collection is included in the deal.

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