Managed Services

Creating sustainable business differentiation

A managed service agreement is a form of outsourcing whereby the service provider assumes responsibility for the functionality of a service and/or equipment and the customer pays a regular fee in return. A managed service comes with a service-level agreement that defines which services will be provided and how successful delivery will be measured.

Ericsson provides managed services in three broad areas: Networks, IT and Network Design & Optimization. Managed services for networks range from field services, which are very hands-on and labor-intensive, to network operations that can be managed remotely and are increasingly automated. IT managed services include the management of applications and data centers, while network design and optimization services evolve and expand customer networks to meet ever-changing demands from consumers and business users.

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Customer cases

Magyar Telekom, Hungary: Winning the top spot

Magyar Telekom chose to partner with us to improve its network performance and, ultimately, win the P3 challenge. As result of the network enhancements, Magyar Telekom won the P3 'Best in Test' award and is now enjoying the competitive advantage of having the fastest network in Hungary. 

Telkomsel, Indonesia: A golden opportunity

Ericsson and Telkomsel take an innovative approach to network optimization by understanding app coverage rather than traditional KPIs. To improve customer experience, Telkomsel partnered with Ericsson to carry out an optimization program known as the Golden Cluster.

XL Axiata, Indonesia: A model for change

Ericsson partnered with XL Axiata to improve user experience by focusing on long-term strategies, rather than just technology or features. This innovative approach resulted in network quality KPIs improving by 50 percent, coverage increasing by 60 percent and, best of all, happy customers.

Yoigo, Spain: Measuring service experience

In 2015, Yoigo, one of the leading operators in Spain, teamed up with Ericsson to improve their customers' overall service experience. Ericsson helped Yoigo make the leap from understanding network KPIs to understanding customer experience.