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Understanding the essentials

An in-depth look at the licensing process

Patent licensing explained

Use of standard essential patents is necessary to comply with a technical standard. Ericsson offers standard essential patents for licensing on FRAND terms.

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The patent and licensing process

The patent and licensing process is designed to create opportunities for both established companies and new enterprises. Allowing other companies to benefit from Ericsson’s innovations, lowers the barriers to entry and enables new players to enter the marketplace.

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1. Early research

Research works in close collaboration across Ericsson, securing our innovations with IPR, in driving open standardization.

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2. Standardization and development

Driving global standardization, our commitment to open, collaborative and innovative technology standards enables us to play a key role in shaping standards for future technologies.

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3. Patent

Patents and licensing play an active role in advancing innovation and creating industry standardization. This is why we dedicate time and energy to making sure our R&D work adds to our strong patent portfolio.

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4. License

Giving fair access to Ericsson standard essential patents enables collaboration and standardization globally across the ecosystem, bringing interoperability, increased performance and lower barriers of entry to new players.

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5. Reinvest

Every year, Ericsson invests billions in R&D. The return on our R&D investment through our patent licenses means that we can continue this strong investment and keep driving the innovation of tomorrow.

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