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Cellular Internet of Things

Ericsson IoT Licensing

As the IoT landscape continues to evolve, our IoT licensing program is proactively catering to a diverse range of applications and offers efficient licensing solutions that scale with the growing IoT ecosystem, bilaterally as well as through joint licensing platforms.

Any IoT device capable of connecting to a cellular network (e.g. 4G or 5G) is using Ericsson technology.

Some of our IoT licensing programs

Asset tracking

Using IoT technology, asset tracking empowers businesses to make informed decisions and improve customer service.

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Connected agriculture

Advanced agricultural machinery leverage cellular networks to enable efficient data transmission and communication.

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Connected health

Cellular technology forms the backbone of many connected health devices and services. 

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Electric vehicle chargers

Electric vehicle chargers support use cases that contribute to the growth of sustainable transportation. 

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Handheld/rugged devices

The dynamic way in which handheld/rugged devices are used, requires reliable connectivity.

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Home security

Home security systems can enhance security and remote access by relying on cellular connectivity. 

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Payment terminals

The way in which payments are made has been changing for some time now. 

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Smart metering

Smart metering revolutionizes utility management across electricity, gas, heat, and water sectors.

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Cellular technology empowers smartwatches with standalone connectivity and much more.

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