Secure Entitlement Server


The Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server (SES) is a dedicated platform from Ericsson to address a wide range of fast evolving CSP entitlement server centric use cases and solutions. With over 10+ years of industry leading and pioneering innovations, Ericsson SES is the world’s most deployed carrier grade entitlement server solution. Ericsson SES is a comprehensive platform consisting of all necessary features and service functions designed to meet TTM challenges of any CSP along with several deployment options.


Multi-service enabler

The multi-service enabler provides seamless on device service enablement and onboarding among different device types and brands.

Multi-channel eSIM service orchestrator

A full-fledged eSIM orchestrator supporting multiple CSP channels (Online, PoS, Enterprise, etc.) with granular and innovative workflows management capabilities.

Multi-tenancy capability

Purpose built for multi tenancy support for onboarding and managing CSP’s own brand(s), MVNOs and resellers.