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Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance


Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance is a multi-domain, multi-technology product enabling cross-domain service orchestration and assurance spanning access, transport and core. It addresses communication service providers’ (CSPs) needs of simplifying open and programmable networks through automation of the service lifecycle and growing revenues profitably. The open and standards-based architecture fosters innovation and multi-vendor integration. By interfacing the network with domain managers and controllers, it provides multi-vendor and multi-cloud support with both built-in adaptors and a framework to create customer adapters.


Design services with ease

Design services across network and IT, improving TTM with a single open tool.

Accelerate service creation

Test and launch new services faster in multi vendor environments with intent-driven orchestration.

Closed loop automation

Facilitate data-driven operations for services with assured SLAs.

Ericsson Orchestrator

Automates the allocation of workloads for VNFs and PNFs among cloud infrastructure resources.

Ericsson Orchestrator

Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing

Realize orchestrated and assured end-to-end network slicing faster with production-ready solution assets

Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing
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Mastering the complexity of multi domain services is a challenge for communication service providers (CSPs). Advanced 5G services are multi domain, spanning across telco and enterprise applications deployed on hyperscale cloud provider infrastructure and private cloud. Swiftly and effectively deploying these services will require multi domain service orchestration and assurance.

Many CSPs are struggling to integrate the service order management function with service orchestration. Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance solves this problem by combining the two into a single product. The product exposes TM Forum Open APIs to integrate with the other parts of the BSS stack. Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance also provides an intuitive and collaborative service design platform, which supports modelling approaches in a consistent user experience that melds the design of SID and TOSCA models together.

As CSPs continue to onboard new customers, the number of business requirements grows rapidly. Managing these requirements is a significant challenge. Business intent orchestration enables CSPs to automate the delivery of business intents in a way that is agile, optimized, and scalable.

Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance guarantees SLA assurance by implementing closed loop automation and facilitates data-driven operations. Orchestration automates processes, enabling swift and agile responses to changing conditions or demands. Assurance continuously monitors and assesses service performance, identifying areas for improvement or intervention.

A well-designed platform for multi domain service orchestration and assurance should:

  • Make it possible to design services with ease across network and IT
  • Enable testing and launching new services faster in multi-vendor environments with intent-driven orchestration
  • Improve SLA commitments through closed loop automation