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Device and Application Verification


With today’s industry facing a continuous rise in smartphone data traffic  ,it will become increasingly important for both vendors and service providers to stay competitive and deliver high-quality services, providing subscribers with a seamless experience and hassle-free services. Designed to support this, the Ericsson Device and Application Verification service enables service providers, device vendors, and developers to go to market with new devices and applications that are verified to comply with network, regulatory, and international requirements as well as meet subscriber demands. 

Ericsson engages in testing, validation and certification of devices across all industry segment. Chipsets, modules, smartphones, industrial gateways, IoT devices and telematics units are all examples of devices which can be tested to comply with standards or to meet specific...


Dedicated environment supporting all cellular technologies

Thanks to the nature of our labs, we are able to function as a dedicated environment or connect to service provider/third-party environments to fully replicate preferred network configurations. This can be complemented with field testing to look at performance-related issues in live network migrations between, for example, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. In addition, our global relationships and scale mean we can verify the function and performance of chipsets, devices, and applications — everything from carrier approval through to multi-national launches, verifying the configuration of partner networks worldwide with local as well as global regulations in mind.

Flexible delivery models - Device Lab as a Service

Ericsson Device Lab services are available in many shapes and forms, geared to meet changing testing needs over time. Customers can leverage our own labs, where we have all needed technology and tools to perform any tests. As an alternative, customers can opt for a lab on premise, Device Lab as a Service, whereby we deliver a commercial grade network as a service for testing purposes.

Included portfolio
Device Analytics

Measures wireless connectivity performance from mobile devices of all kinds.

Connected Vehicle Testing

Optimizing performance, enhancing customer experience, and reducing post-launch operational expenses.

Connected Drone Testing

Enables service providers to move forward with a proven solution for drone testing on LTE networks.

Global Device Testing and Certification

One-stop shop for device coordination, quality testing, and device certification.

Cybersecurity Testing and Certification

Offers comprehensive testing to help safeguard IoT devices from growing cybersecurity threats.

Device Lab

The cellular device is key to the user experience in how it connects the user with other users and with various...