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Device Lab


The cellular device is key to the user experience in how it connects the user with other users and with various services. For a service to perform optimally in the eyes of the user, it must perform at its best internally and in its communication with the network. Ericsson engages in testing, validation and certification of devices across all industry segment. Chipsets, modules, smartphones, industrial gateways, IoT devices and telematics units are all examples of devices which can be tested to comply with standards or to meet specific requirements put up by an operator or a device vendor. Ericsson  has developed significant knowledge and assets to cater for the wide array of testing that our customers engage in. Customers can bring their device to our labs, or we deliver lab as a service on customer site.


Device Lab as a Service

Ericsson Device Lab services are available in many shapes and forms, geared to meet changing testing needs over time. Customers can come to our labs for testing or we can supply a lab on premise, Device Lab as a Service.

Testing with pre-commercial software

Our lab environments can be provisioned with the latest software, a previous version, or a coming release. This flexibility allows leading edge customers to develop against future versions or simply prepare what is to come.

Dedicated environment supporting all cellular technologies

Our labs have all cellular technologies as well as applications like IMS, messaging, orchestration and more. Third party and OTT applications can be added as needed.

Ericsson Device Lab

Follow us on a tour to one of our labs to see what it looks like and what we’re doing there.

Apart from our own lab locations, we are also providing more than twenty labs as a service to our customers, where we are placing a real RAN and edge core on site, and connect them to one of our central locations.

Ericsson Device Lab