Cloud VoLTE

Ericsson Cloud VoLTE is an industrialized solution to deliver VoLTE service onto a customer datacenter cloud. The solution includes vIMS and supporting nodes serving as a foundation to evolve and expand service offerings.

Cloud VoLTE includes an integrated and validated design, a trained central delivery team, and delivery assets to ensure a fast, accurate, and optimized solution delivery. VNF staging, configuration, and testing automation tools are also developed. The solution is verified against the latest releases of Ericsson NFVI, RHOSP, and VMware to ensure VNF performance and compliance to market needs.


Continuous Cloud Agnostic Verification

The Cloud VoLTE solution is cloud agnostic and continuously verified on industry standard clouds. The vIMS and supporting nodes in the solution are developed to excel with CEE, RHOSP, and VMware VIMs  running on standard x86 HW, networking, and storage. Cloud VoLTE is supported by a continuous program to onboard, validate, and verify the vIMS VNFs against major cloud releases to ensure ongoing success in our customer’s clouds.

Industrialized Design and Optimized Integration

The Cloud VoLTE solution offering includes a centrally designed and optimized VoLTE service as well as a globally trained delivery team to integrate and adapt to customer requirements. The Cloud VoLTE solution design ensures a smooth deployment and evolution of the system when adding new services or expanding system size. Additionally a central delivery team works side by side through the design, verification, and release process and is ready to execute your plan.

Automated and Adaptable Delivery

The Cloud VoLTE solution includes automated  tools and processes to ensure rapid and successful delivery of the solution. These automations are co-developed with product development and the central delivery team to ensure fast, adaptable and quality delivery of the solution. This includes automated VNF staging and configuration to customer network and service requirements as well as automated functional and non-functional testing to ensure  all performance requirements are satisfied.