Fast VoLTE Launch

By introducing the industrialized solution Ericsson Fast VoLTE Launch, we can now offer an initial step for a faster VoLTE launch project with the purpose to increase both speed and cost-efficiency. The solution is a combination of an Ericsson Telco Cloud Infrastructure, the IMS VNFs, a large set of optimized integration services and streamlined delivery flow with experienced staff to support all activities.

By leveraging on all, or parts of all the assets developed for Ericsson Fast VoLTE Launch, service providers will now be able to launch VoLTE within only a few weeks instead of months. A designed reference configuration, virtualization, clear scoping, developed templates, pre-configuration and optimized service packages are key enablers to achieve this.

Once the VoLTE service has been launched using Ericsson Fast VoLTE Launch, the initial deployment can be further expanded; both capacity wise as well functionally expanded by extending the scope with additional services.


Launch VoLTE in weeks instead of months

The Fast VoLTE Launch solution is a full stack solution that enables launch VoLTE in weeks instead of month. It consist of industrialized vIMS release  pre-integrated on BSP.

The trained central delivery team will together with local expertise secure a partnership with  you as customer to meet your timely needs.

Start small, scale easily, stay flexible

The Fast VoLTE Launch solution enables small entry deployments as well as large deployments for millions of subscribers – and smooth scalability.

The solution is easy adaptable, and additional use cases and functions could be added to the provided starting point and  configured based on requirements and NW transformation realities.

Automated and Adaptable Delivery

The Cloud VoLTE solution includes automated  tools and processes to ensure rapid and successful delivery of the solution. These automations are co-developed with product development and the central delivery team to ensure fast, adaptable and quality delivery of the solution. This includes automated VNF staging and configuration to customer network and service requirements as well as automated functional and non-functional testing to ensure  all performance requirements are satisfied.