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Ericsson Transport Automation Controller


Ericsson Transport Automation Controller is an intelligent, cloud native transport controller that uses AI and machine learning to provide advanced analytics and automation for microwave, IP and optical fronthaul networks.

Developed to complement and add value to the existing Transport hardware portfolio, this software product transforms data into actionable insights to enable service providers understand behaviours, recognize patterns, see trends, and detect anomalies in their transport network so that they can quickly and efficiently take a proactive approach in managing their transport network when it comes to:

  • Reducing network complexity and boosting efficiency
  • Optimizing capacity and network...

Save time and cost

Near real-time root cause analysis reduces the time for troubleshooting and minimizes manual work - resulting in more efficient use of your network engineers, fewer work orders and material returns, and no unnecessary site visits.

Enhance performance and user experience

Improve network quality and performance to enhance the end-user experience and reduce churn by moving from troubleshooting to preventive actions.

Leverage AI and ML-driven insights

A vendor-agnostic, standards-based, cloud-native and multi-domain product that is easy to use thanks to its highly intuitive user interface with map-based visualization and configurable dashboards.

AI-powered solution to unlock optimal transport network performance

Read the news release announcing Ericsson Transport Automation Controller, an AI-powered transport controller helping service providers optimize transport network efficiency and performance at lower cost.

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Master the invisible with automation and AI

Watch the launch video to learn more about how Ericsson Transport Automation Controller helps service providers stay ahead of the challenges impacting transport network performance.

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