Long Haul

Long haul microwave solutions are used whenever there is a need for high capacities over relative long distances and often in remote areas where microwave is the only viable option.

Due to the cost efficiency of microwave products it is however also increasingly used in areas where optical fiber technically can be an option, but the deployment would be more expensive. Ericsson’s long haul systems utilizes the frequency range of 4 – 13 GHz. They provide the best in class spectrum efficiency and make the most out of the available frequency spectrum.

The long haul systems can enable capacities up to 10 Gbps per hop, and can make very long hops, up to 200 km. The available offering includes MINI-LINK 6200.

What our customers think

Do you want to hear more about what our customers think about Ericsson’s long haul products, and a demonstration of our latest long haul product MINI-LINK 6200?

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Brings the 5G transport outside the urban area with market leading capacities over long distances.

Included products
MINI-LINK 6200       


  • First long haul system on the market to cater for 5G transport
  • Market leading capacities, up to 10 Gbps over 35 km with 4096 QAM
  • L2 and L3 support
  • 5 x 10G interfaces
  • Low Latency
  • Support for phase and time sync
  • Part of Ericsson Radio System, facilitating easy and cost-effective site solution and management