Advanced Microwave Insights

Advanced Microwave Insights is a cloud-based product that use AI and machine learning to help operator’s with near real-time root-cause analysis, of any transmission issues affecting MINI-LINK hops. Advanced Microwave Insights saves operator’s time on analysis of a transmission issue and it also reduces unnecessary site visits.


Save time

  • Near real-time root cause analysis reducing time for troubleshooting
  • Faster resolution of problematic links
  • No unnecessary site visits will reduce maintenance time.

Save Cost

  • More efficient use of task forces; reduced number of site visits, work orders, and material returns.
  • Less manual and time consuming analyzes as the system detects and identifies issues

Improve Quality

  • Improved network quality and performance results in reduced churn.
  • Move from troubleshooting to preventive actions; field engineers can check real-time status on site