To meet the high requirements of network subscribers and tackle the challenges of digitally urbanizing environments, Ericsson’s indoor small cell radios deliver high per-user capacity and rate coverage everywhere, with the potential to improve performance in the macro network by offloading the traffic generated in hotspots.

Ericsson’s Radio System creates a wireless environment where both indoor and outdoor networks perform perfectly and seamlessly, enabling the best end-user experience. This is made possible through a fully integrated Ericsson Radio System that secures performance across all radio network layers (macro, street and indoor) for multiple bands and standards.

The Radio Dot System is 5G and IoT ready, and supports multi-operator and unlicensed deployments.



Scalable, high per-user capacity and rate coverage


Fully integrated with Ericsson Radio System and simple to deploy

Ready for the future

Support for 5G, IoT, multi-operator and unlicensed deployments

Overview of Ericsson´s indoor solutions

Roger Galuban, Strategic Product Manager, for Indoor Small Cells, discusses the Radio Dot System portfolio and the seamless architecture of the solution 

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Our range of products
Radio Dot System

Enables a simple deployment that is completely integrated with the outdoor network.

Ericsson Indoor Planner

A high level design tool developed for the Ericsson 3GPP indoor small cell solutions.