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Advanced workshop & virtual mentor

Did you know? Ericsson Learning Services offers more than courses. Besides classroom training and eLearnings, we also offer advanced workshops and virtual mentor sessions.
Advanced Workshop & Virtual Mentor

Advanced workshops

An advanced workshop is a premium learning-expert led session where participants perform network behavior analyses and/or troubleshooting activities in a workshop-like format. Once students attend the regular training programs (technical trainings), which give them understanding of the technology and ability to manage the individual components in the network, they go back to their networks and gain practical experience.  An Advanced Workshop offers these experienced personnel the possibility to further extend and deepen the knowledge about network behavior, perform analysis and troubleshoot problems, discuss them with a learning expert and other workshop participants. Network behavior thorough study is done based on traces/logs – pre-taken or taken in a live lab environment.

Current advanced workshops:

5G Core e2e Use Cases
Ericsson Orchestrator End to End Use Case
Ericsson Spectrum Sharing (ESS) – Implementation

Virtual mentor

As an extension of the digital related services provided by Ericsson learning Services, we also offer a mentor/expert session after attended an eLecture by Ericsson. If there are concerns or questions related to an eLecture, we do have the ask the expert feature, however if there is a need to have a smaller group session we can offer you a virtual mentor session. A VM session is a two step approach. First, an expert from Ericsson will collect the topics of concern,  then prepare and schedule for a workshop with the participants. During the session the expert would discuss the topics collected at step one by explaining and discussion or showing use cases in a practical lab environment.

For more information or to schedule a session, please contact Learning Services.

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