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All Access digest, June 2023

All Access digest, June 2023

If you are currently an All Access subscriber, you will be seamlessly enrolled in the new courses throughout the duration of your existing subscription.

Kindly note that all the links provided below are exclusively intended for our esteemed All Access customers.

What’s new in All Access?

We are delighted to inform you of the following additions to your All Access subscription.

What’s new in All Access Plus?

If you have subscribed to All Access PLUS, along with the new All Access courses, the following new eLectures are now accessible to you.


To register for our digital learning platform, kindly reach out to the nearest Learning Services office for assistance.

Out of the office? No problem, take courses via our mobile app

Go learn app logo

The Ericsson Digital Learning’s mobile app is specifically optimized for iOS and Android devices, encompassing smartphones and tablets alike.

The Go.Learn Mobile App is readily available for iOS devices (including iPad) as well as Android devices. To download the app, simply search for "Go.Learn" in either the Apple Store or Google Play.

To access the app, simply tap on its icon to launch it. On the initial page, enter the URL of the Ericsson Digital Learning’s portal into the text box labeled "Platform URL". The URL for the Ericsson Digital Learning platform and the Mobile App are identical.

Please be aware that this action only needs to be performed once, as it will be saved within the app for future usage.

You can conveniently take training courses even while offline, and your progress will be automatically tracked and synchronized with the Ericsson Digital Learning platform once you are back online.


Do you have the right time?

The Ericsson Digital Learning platform utilizes your system's time zone information to accurately timestamp your progress in courses, as well as for various other purposes such as maintaining training records and generating course certificates.

You have the option to set your default time zone by accessing your profile within the system

How to accesse your profile


From the Preferences tab, you can set your preferred Date Format and Time Zone

Set your preferred Date Format and Time Zone

If, for any reason, you are operating in a different time zone than when you log into the system, it will detect this and prompt you to switch to the new time zone if desired.

How to modify the time zone

To modify the time zone, simply click on Update. If you prefer to keep the current time zone, you can select Remind me later instead.

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