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New Digital Learning in Q1, 2024

Find Ericsson's newest digital course collection, released in Q1 2024.
New Digital Learning in Q1, 2024

We are pleased to announce that your subscription has been updated with new courses for Q1 2024, and the popular course has been refreshed with new content. Take a moment to explore these updates and begin acquiring the knowledge necessary to meet industry demands.

Please note that all our latest courses are automatically included in your current subscription. If you are an All Access or All Access PLUS subscriber, you can access the course directly.

If your subscription is expiring soon or has expired, please reach out to our Digital Learning team for renewal assistance.

For new users, enroll today to access a diverse collection of courses and enhance your skills. Contact our digital learning team now.


Explore the most recent additions to your All Access subscription.

5G RAN NR N23.Q4 Delta
LTE RAN L23.Q4 Delta
ENM 23 - Delta Q3/Q4
Ericsson Order Care (EOC) Overview
Ericsson CNIS 1.10 Delta
Ericsson CEE 10.6 Delta
Ericsson CCD 2.26 Delta
MINI-LINK M23.Q4 Delta


All Access PLUS subscribers: Access new eLectures with your All Access courses.

Cloud Packet Core Overview (eLecture)
ENM Operations for 5G RAN (eLecture)
Ericsson Orchestrator (EO) Overview (eLecture)

Advance in telecom with our refreshed eLecture courses. Explore now!

5G Core Concepts (eLecture)
5G Core Protocols and Procedures (eLecture)
5G Cloud Core Infrastructure (eLecture)
5G Plug-Ins Overview (eLecture)
CCRC 1 Operation and Configuration (eLecture)
CCSM 1 Operation and Configuration (eLecture)

We trust you will discover significant value in our newly added digital courses for your learning journey. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries or feedback.

Contact digital learning team anytime for support.

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