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Latest Digital Learning in Q2, 2024

Latest Digital Learning in Q2, 2024

Ericsson's recent digital courses

New additions to our Q2 2024 Digital Training catalog

Explore our digital training catalog updates, featuring new courses and refreshed content for professional development.

We are happy to share the latest additions to our Q2 2024 digital training catalog with you! Your subscription now includes all new courses, and we have refreshed our popular ones with up-to-date content. Upgrade your skills today!

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Ericsson Reduced Capability (RedCap)

What is RedCap? Learn how it fits into the 5G NR SA device ecosystem and some of the most important use cases.

New courses – All Access

5G RAN NR N24.Q1 Delta

New and enhanced features in Ericsson's 5G RAN NR N24.Q1 release.

5G RAN NR N24.Q2 Delta

Explore the new and enhanced features included in N24.Q2 release.

Ericsson Reduced Capability (RedCap) Overview

Learn 3GPP NR Reduced Capability fundamentals and 5G use cases.


LTE RAN L24.Q1 Delta

Discover Ericsson LTE RAN's new and enhanced features in L24.Q1 release.

Ericsson Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Overview

Explore Ericsson DXP, an omni-channel platform for customer management and product configuration.

New courses – All Access Plus (eLectures)

Ericsson Network Slicing Overview (eLecture)

Ericsson's network slicing enabling 5G monetization with guaranteed performance.

ENM Operations for 2G, 3G and 4G RAN (eLecture)

Learn ENM operations to manage GSM, WCDMA, and LTE networks efficiently.

ENM Operations for Transport Networks (eLecture)

Master ENM Operations for Transport Networks by learning FCAPS, GUI navigation, monitoring, CLI, and remedial actions.

Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance (ESOA) 2 Overview (eLecture)

ESOA 2 for streamlined 5G slicing automation and unified service management.

Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment 9.6 Operation and Administration (eLecture)

Explore Ericsson CEE 9.6 for virtual infrastructure management and SDN operations.

We hope you find our new and updated courses useful and enriching.

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